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What is a GIF?

There has been a substantial growth in popularity with GIFs over the last year or so that has caused a flood of short animated images on the web (I’m sure you’ve noticed). Despite the GIF being created 25 years ago Read More »

Google Webmaster Tools Breakdown for 2014

Google’s Webmaster Tools helps us to see our website as Google sees it. It tells us what is being indexed, what is getting linked, and what is getting traffic. This blog post breaks down each of the site-specific sections of WMT and gives a brief explanation of how each of these sections can be useful to your SEO efforts. Read More »

How to Catch Up on Missed Work

Sick days can cause a lot of stress, not only on your body, but also at work. Returning to the office to find an inbox full of emails, a lengthy to-do list and new projects to tackle can cause major stress for any individual. Getting back to work can be a struggle, but we all have to make the best of the situation. These three simple suggestions may help you find your way of dealing with this situation and get you back on track! Read More »