SEOzio, Your Virtual SEO Consultant

Like an SEO consultant, SEOzio gathers information about your website. Unlike an SEO consultant, it analyzes dozens of factors in seconds. This information comes from a variety of sources, including search engines, highly regarded SEO tools, and your very own website. Each factor that we analyze carries weight based on how important that factor is to major search engines. SEOzio then calculates your overall SEO score and rates your website performance from 0 to 100 (100 being the strongest).

Website Structure

During this part of our analysis we are looking at two key components of a well optimized website: how well your site is coded, and how easy is it for search engines to crawl through the content of the website.

Links & Branding

Links and branding signals make up the bulk of major search engine algorithms. Having a well structured and designed website is great, but if you don't have off-site signals to confirm your trust and relevancy, then you won't perform well. Search engines see links as votes, and the more links you have, the better you're site typically performs. The quality of those links is also important. Brand signals help search engines understand who you are and what others think of your brand.

Data Analysis

Once the data is collected from our four categories (Links, Branding, Code and Crawlability) SEOzio runs its grading algorithm. This algorithm weighs each item based upon data from search engines and SEO professionals. It scores each item individually then gives a score for each category as well as an overall performance score.

Review Report

Initially you'll get a simplified view of the overall performance score as well as some of the key results found during the analysis. You'll also see scores for each category, which help you identify your strong and weak areas. You can dig deeper with advanced views that allow you to review each individual item that was analyzed.