Search Engine Optimization

A Marketing Transformation for High-Value, High-Volume Conversions

Search engine optimization is a proven, best practices strategy to improve the quality, value, and usability of your website. The effect of these efforts can be seen through increased traffic, increased leads, higher quality conversions, and deeper satisfaction with the user experience. Websites are an invaluable business tool for building a following and funneling users through the process of gathering information to committing to a conversion. A multi-faceted inbound marketing strategy will advance your brand authority, online presence, and place you in the best location for potential customers to find you.

Pittsburgh SEO Services

Eyeflow takes clients through a process to improve the quality of their sites through:

Website Audit

Our team works to identify performance barriers on your site and resolve them before we get to work on your campaign. This comprehensive audit ensures the road is clear to maximize your website's opportunity for success without technical obstacles hindering our progress.

Industry and Competitor Research

After identifying key trending opportunities in your industry, we then analyze competitors who have been successful finding new opportunities. This research helps us determine what your users and target audience are looking for and how they are searching.

Usability Testing

This investigation uncovers key demand weaknesses as well as opportunities for syncing your visitors’ needs and website goals. The information we gather during usability testing allows us to improve user engagement, naturally encouraging more exploration and conversions on your website.

Digital Asset Creation

Our team of designers and copywriters helps you create digital assets to attract the attention of your target audience. These pieces include infographics, whitepapers, videos, slide shows, surveys, and more.

Content Marketing

We'll help you publish and promote content in places on the web where it’ll get the most attention. Placing content where it will be seen is key to getting the word out about your brand. With our experience and industry knowledge, we know where you should be.

Audience Outreach

With your feedback, we’ll create a customer persona, develop strategies to reach that audience, and tailor content to appeal to that profile. Every piece of content we create is targeted for real consumers. We don’t just create content for search engines – we create it for your actual users and prospective clients.

Online PR

We’ll identify press requests for stories related to your brand and then make a pitch to earn mentions and links to your content. Online PR is a way to tell your brand’s story to a broader public. These pitches are designed to create a relationship with the online press and news community.

Redesign Guidance

A website redesign is the perfect time to maximize your SEO effectiveness. Unfortunately, if not done correctly it can undo your search engine visibility overnight. We help companies ensure that their redesigns go smoothly while maintaining the online authority that has been carefully built up over time.

The Eyeflow approach holistically analyzes your website from the perspective of both users and search engines. After incorporating our findings with an industry and competitor report, we develop a customized plan of action for your inbound marketing campaign. Through this process your site will better meet audience demand, attract higher value leads, and win more clients through smarter content creation and placement.

By selecting Eyeflow to manage your online marketing campaign, you will be working with an experienced team of SEO strategists, graphic designers, web developers, and content writers to create the highest possible returns for your marketing investment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can amplify your online business.

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