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the top professional networking social site. As the value of the site increases, so does your need to have a standout profile. If you haven’t quite figured out what how you should be using LinkedIn, follow our 5 tips below and improve your profile.

Step 1: Set an Appropriate Image. This is a professional site, and while your profile image should reflect who you are it should also represent who you are as a professional.  Your image is one of the first things users take note of when searching for you. Images should not be pixelated, poorly lit, inappropriate for your industry or missing. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Step 2: Have a good Headline. Your headline is the space that shows your title, along with common variations, that someone might be searching for in regards to what you do.   It should be descriptive enough to say what you do and can contain a few keywords.

Step 3: Keep your Experience Up To Date. Keeping your relevant experience up to date should be more than grabbing your job description from the company website. Use this section to share a little bit about your company, list your responsibilities and share your accomplishments. This translates into a timeline of your professional progression and growth.

Step 4: Expand The Summary. The profile summary in LinkedIn is the place where you can go into further detail about your work experience, awards and other important career details. It is also the spot with the most room for text, allowing you to provide others with a snap shot of who you really are. This section can also be used to provide details on what your goals are, where to contact you and links to content you have created.

Step 5: Make Proper Use of Endorsements and Recommendations. LinkedIn Endorsements are shown below your work experience in your profile. Beside the endorsement for each skill is the number of people who have endorsed you for that particular skill. You are able to edit the skills in your profile if you feel that they are not accurately representing you. Recommendations are written endorsements from your Connections. While it is acceptable to ask for a recommendation, a personal message is often the best way to get your desired response.   These do take some time and thought, so a polite request can go a long way. Whether you are looking to connect with others, find a new job opportunity or learn more about your clients, LinkedIn can provide you with that opportunity. LinkedIn profiles that follow the above simple guidelines can often benefit from more views, better ranking and searchability.

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