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Social media is heating up as the next battleground in business. Staying on top of your social media game and making sure your clients stay engaged is the number one priority for social media marketers everywhere, and every app being developed today is focused on increasing client engagement and making sure your fanbase stays rabid for your product. So what are the latest apps that your marketing department must have to maintain and increase your client and tribal engagement? Follow along as our social media experts share the next latest and greatest tools to add to your social media workbench.

1. ViralHeat

ViralHeat, recently acquired by Cision, is one of the best aggregators of social media data on the market today. ViralHeat allows you to monitor what’s hot when it comes to conversations across social platforms, allowing the user to find what’s relevant in social data and make it applicable to your marketing efforts. By using ViralHeat, you’ll be able to increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing strategy and contribute in a way that keeps your business relevant within current social media trends.

2. SocialClout

SocialClout is a way to take your social media presence (or “clout”) to the next level by analyzing your specific follow base. SocialClout lets the user see what trends can be found across different platforms to improve acquisition and targeting. The app uses real-time databases to help users reach the next level in terms of their social presence. SocialClout has a wide variety of analytics tools that help the user based on interests, demographics, and much more. Using SocialClout can help drill down your market, and find new customers that fit your business goals for a perfect match.

3. Edgar

If you’ve worked in inbound marketing for a while, you know that it’s easy for things to become repetitive. After all, how many promotions or product invites can one come up with that are completely original? More importantly, what if you want to reiterate something, or bring something back? Edgar is basically a library of your content, allowing you to access and reuse it when needed. Saving you the time and trouble of searching, cutting and pasting, Edgar allows you to keep your social media presence active even when there’s no real need to be particularly creative.

edgar social media tool


You wouldn’t think a link shortener makes the list, but it definitely does. One of the advantages of is that it allows users to track usage of their outbound links using analytics: you can see which links get results so you can monitor and make changes to your link tracking in real time. is one of the best social media tools to use to find what is working and what isn’t to make effective changes and improve visit output among your user base. With the power to see in real time who, what, and when maximizes your effects, remains tops for data collection and efficient change– and it’s free!

5. Hootsuite

The original and best social media manager, Hootsuite took many inbound marketing departments by storm. Its main strength? Hootsuite is a cross-platform scheduler. By using social media tools to determine when your user and fan bases are most active, Hootsuite allows you to get data in their feeds even when you aren’t there. It allows you to emphasize specific promotions and other information that you want to pass on to an engaged base. Finally, it makes sure that you’re aware when you’re being engaged online, so that you can plan and update your social media presence accordingly. In short, Hootsuite does the legwork in making sure you are always engaged.

hootsuite social media management app

6. Brandwatch

While most of the above tools deal with your existing social media base, Brandwatch is somewhat different. Brandwatch studies trends across different platforms, which means that you will be able to see what the web is looking for overall and tailor your presence accordingly. Brandwatch can also let you know how your brand is being received across the net. While it lacks certain features related to direct engagement (you can’t react directly to social media from Brandwatch) you can integrate it with tools such as Hootsuite to accomplish just that. Brandwatch’s major value is that it allows you to see how your brand fares on the whole web– and helps you to market accordingly.

Social media is an around the clock job. Don’t let the day-to-day trials of your business come in between you and the engagement benefits of social media marketing by turning to the pros at Eyeflow. Our social media marketing services help build your community of engaged and brand-loyal followers from the ground up, providing you with an audience to carry out your brand’s message and build your reputation across the web. So if you’re looking to post, pin, or tweet like a pro, but can’t find the time to do so, reach out to the social savvy experts at Eyeflow today and start building your brand on the web.

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