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Google Webmaster Tools Breakdown for 2014

Google’s Webmaster Tools helps us to see our website as Google sees it. It tells us what is being indexed, what is getting linked, and what is getting traffic. This blog post breaks down each of the site-specific sections of WMT and gives a brief explanation of how each of these sections can be useful to your SEO efforts. Read More »

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Mobile SEO and Responsive Web Design

It is no surprise that more and more people are using their cell phones to access the internet. By 2014, 20% of internet traffic is projected to be mobile. As mobile internet usage continues to grow, so too does the importance of optimizing your website for mobile searches.

This post goes over some of the methods and practices that have proven to be successful when it comes to optimizing your mobile website. Read More »

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Tips for Optimizing On-Page Elements of an Ecommerce Website

In addition to the efforts we take to optimize on page elements of a website, there are additional SEO strategies that should be implemented when optimizing an ecommerce website. This post goes over the strategies that are often avoided on ecommerce websites. These strategies are important because they will help your ecommerce site compete in the aggressive online marketplace. Read More »

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