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How to Catch Up on Missed Work

Sick days can cause a lot of stress, not only on your body, but also at work. Returning to the office to find an inbox full of emails, a lengthy to-do list and new projects to tackle can cause major stress for any individual. Getting back to work can be a struggle, but we all have to make the best of the situation. These three simple suggestions may help you find your way of dealing with this situation and get you back on track! Read More »

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Demystifying Link Schemes & the 3 Golden Rules of Link Building

Google has been fighting low quality link building for over a decade, and since the Google Penguin update (April 2012) they’ve increased their efforts to eliminate tactics that they feel manipulate their algorithm. If you’re going to execute an SEO Read More »

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SEO Copywriting Strategy for 2014: Moving from Keywords to Topics

One of the major SEO changes of 2013 was Google’s shift to keyword (not provided). While this caused a major upset in SEO keyword tracking, it also changed the conversation that inbound marketers and content developers are having with their supervisors. Now for Read More »

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Mobile SEO and Responsive Web Design

It is no surprise that more and more people are using their cell phones to access the internet. By 2014, 20% of internet traffic is projected to be mobile. As mobile internet usage continues to grow, so too does the importance of optimizing your website for mobile searches.

This post goes over some of the methods and practices that have proven to be successful when it comes to optimizing your mobile website. Read More »

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