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Candy Crushing Your SEO

I’ll admit it. I got sucked into the Candy Crush madness and find myself lying in bed at night waiting for my notification to go off and tell me that I have a new life so I can keep playing. Am I ashamed? No. Do I spend more time playing Candy Crush than I should? Yes. But that got me thinking. Candy Crush and SEO are actually kind of similar. Read More »

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7 Mentions of Pittsburgh Topping “Best City” Charts

Recently our city of bridges has been making new connections outside of the region, through national mentions and recognitions. Pittsburgh truly is a great, well-rounded city that deserves to be noted in such a way. As search engine marketers it’s our job to pay attention to what’s going on online and trending in search, so we couldn’t ignore the mentions the City of Pittsburgh has been accumulating! Read More »

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