Parallax scrolling has become a popular web design trend in recent years. Used correctly, parallax scrolling can improve the user experience and make your web presence more appealing. A parallax website uses background elements moving at different speeds than the rest of the page, resulting in cool visual effects. This can be used in countless different and creative ways.

There are several types of parallax websites and many issues that can arise with each. Here are a few things to watch out for with a parallax website in regards to SEO.

Site Architecture: Many parallax web sites have a one-page architecture which can be a major concern when it comes to SEO. Many problems arise from these one-page websites including:

  • One URL for search engines to index which will lead to worse rankings.
  • Multiple <h1> Tags
  • Meta data issues
  • Extra-long load time
  • Google Analytic issues

Many of these issues can be resolved with the help of jQuery by cutting the single page into sections, each with their own URL and meta-data. This allows the site’s single page to be indexed multiple times. This technique can also be used for sites that have more than one URL but include multiple topics on certain pages of the site. See Google’s article on the subject for more information.

Mobile Issues ParallaxMobile Issues: Parallax scrolling is not ideal for mobile devices. Be sure to remove parallax elements for mobile devices. This can usually be done by disabling your parallax JavaScript and including some additional CSS when mobile devices are detected.

Load Time ParallaxLoad Time: A site heavy in parallax scrolling can make load time much longer than recommended. Be sure to use parallax scrolling sparingly to avoid long load time issues.

Avoiding Basic SEO Requirements: Remember that all regular SEO requirements still apply with your parallax website. For information on basic on page optimization see this blog post.

Parallax scrolling can make your website look great but there are several issues that often come up in regards to SEO. As with any website, be sure to check that the on-page elements of your site are optimized so search engines can crawl and index it.

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