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If you’re involved with inbound marketing you’ve probably heard about SEO content. Your next two questions are probably 1) Why should I use content marketing? and 2) What makes content great content? The answer to the first question should be a little more obvious than the second. You want to use content marketing  to promote your work because great content is what your visitors want. Google also wants you to create great content for the same reason: because it’s what their users want.

As for the second question, it’s a little more complicated. The truth is there is no exact science to what makes great content because it really comes down to the visitor’s opinion. The good news is there are guidelines you can put in place to help send your content marketing strategy in the right direction.

In 2011, Google released a list of questions to ask yourself about your own website and content marketing pieces. These questions were designed to help you think about the quality of your site and how others may perceive it. It’s these same questions that Google is trying to help their algorithm ask when determining the potential quality of a piece of content.

Based on the questions that Google released and other information they’ve shared since then, we’ve created a checklist of 12 questions in 3 core categories you should ask yourself about each piece of content you want to market on the web.

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