Checklist for 3 SEO Usability Standards

In the past, SEO success could be made even if your site wasn’t necessarily user-friendly, unique or even all that useful. If you created the right signals it could still do very well in the search results.

In recent years, Google realized this was the case. As a result they ran user test groups to rate the quality of their search results and found that many of the sites that were ranking well weren’t really leading to satisfied searchers. If Google’s users aren’t satisfied with the results, they may start using another search engine. It’s in Google’s best interest to make sure that when someone leaves their search results, they have found what they were looking for and they’ll continue to return to Google for future searches.

Google has evolved it’s algorithm to consider user experience by building Artificial Intelligence into their algorithm. This AI tries to learn what it is people tend to like or dislike about their search results and adjust accordingly.

This means even if you have all the right traditional SEO signals, you could still end up falling off the first page of the search results if your visitors aren’t having a satisfying experience.

Here at Eyeflow we’ve developed what we call “The 3 U’s of SEO.” We’ve found that in order to have a successful modern day internet marketing campaign, your website needs to answer yes to these three questions.

Three Questions You Need to Ask About Your Website

1. Is it Useful?

Are you offering value or benefits to your website visitors? Do you have information-rich content that your visitors would find worth sharing with others or bookmarking for later?

You may struggle being useful for your visitors if…

  • It’s difficult for visitors to understand what you’re offering.
  • Your website is selling features, rather than benefits.
  • Users can get answers to their questions on other websites.

2. Is it Unique?

Is the content on your website truly unique or can it be found elsewhere on the internet? Would a visitor to your website feel that you stand out from the crowd?

You may struggle being unique from a visitor’s perspective if…

  • Exact copies of your content can be found on other websites.
  • Your content is unique, yet extremely similar to other pages on the internet.
  • You’re selling products that others are selling and using the same vendor content as everyone else.

3. Is it User-Friendly?

Are you putting your users’ experience first or are you putting other objectives first?

You may not be providing the best user experience if…

  • Your website is slow or not compatible with multiple devices.
  • You’re putting SEO tactics above giving users what they need.
  • You make customers go through extra steps to get what they need.

If your answer is no or even a “kinda” to any of these questions, a successful internet marketing campaign is unlikely. You could hire the best SEO company in the world, but it’s success will be limited.

When hiring your next SEO company, make sure they take time to understand you, your business, your goals and your customer before they perform any optimization. Otherwise you may be leaving money on the table.

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Three Us of Creating SEO Success – By 8xReach by Phil Laboon

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