Eyeflow CEO Phil Laboon Gives SEO Interview on Pittsburgh's TechVibe Radio

In a recent interview with FM News Talk 104.7 on the TechVibe segment, Eyeflow CEO, Phil Laboon discussed new online marketing services to help smaller businesses in Pittsburgh. The interview also covered some valuable tips for website owners who are facing penalties from recent Google updates.

Here’s Laboon’s tidy summary for Eyeflow’s new SEO strategy for low-budget companies, ClearSky SEO:

“Eyeflow is trying to automate our services by opening a new branch that focuses on helping smaller businesses like start-ups or businesses that want to be able to grow into our full-end marketing service but aren’t quite there financially.”

ClearSky SEO is a version of Eyeflow’s services without the creative or consulting features that Eyeflow is known for. Instead the service first educates clients on the nuts and bolts of SEO so they can focus on the creative aspects of marketing and content creation. ClearSky also takes over all the time-consuming backend work that business owners typically don’t want to be involved in. ClearSky SEO provides clients with educational articles to be syndicated in magazines, directory listings, social bookmarking links, and other services for a package rate of $500- 2000 a month.

SEO Advice for Webmasters

For website owners curious about how their site is doing, Laboon gave this advice: “Look at your metrics and see if you got hit in the last year. Look at your data, or if you don’t know how, ask your web developer. Google made two major updates, and they’re constantly making updates to those updates. So what ends up happening – you wouldn’t believe it – people are getting thrown out of Google left and right and not realizing it.”

New companies may be at a disadvantage because they don’t have the history to compare past website performance to current website performance. The best solution for those companies would be to have an SEO professional look at the website to check for major issues that could potentially be hurting traffic and visibility. A free SEO research tool that Eyeflow created for this purpose, SEOzio, compiles a robust set of metrics into a concise page of information for users.

A More Complex Online Landscape

Laboon also discussed what features and signals the Google algorithm now considers when coming up with search engine results, including social media signals such as “likes,” reposts, and blog comments. As the algorithm gets more sophisticated, sites are being penalized for using older tricks that were once popular to rank highly in a short amount of time. Search engines now are looking for clues to indicate that your company is a valued brand, and social media is playing a major role in that.

To get more marketing tips and SEO insider information, listen to the full interview: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=756976&cmd=apop

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Director of Content Development|Briana is the Director of Content Development at Eyeflow. Her professional background includes copywriting and marketing in the US and China. She currently lives in great little suburb south of Pittsburgh.

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