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Watching the Jetsons as children, many of us marveled at all of the neat gadgets that they had – from wristwatch communicators to live video conferencing at the push of a button. Well today, technology has caught up and even surpassed anything that the ‘Family of the Future’ could have ever predicted.

With the advent of smartphones, the move toward a more mobile-friendly environment is inevitable. Astounding innovations in voice search, virtual reality and wearable technology is shaping how marketing will work for years to come.

Mobilegeddon: One Year Later

One of the biggest factors driving the mobile marketing trend is Google. Last year, Google’s announcement of what marketers referred to as “Mobilegeddon” meant mobile-friendliness was no longer a luxury, but a necessity for website owners and webmasters.

On April 21, 2015, webmasters from across the country were instructed via email to test their site for mobile friendliness and create a better mobile experience for their users. Sites that failed to comply with the email quickly saw a significant drop in mobile traffic.

Now a year removed from the shift, the mobile web continues to be one of the biggest players for organic traffic to a website. Last month, Google announced that they will be boosting the effects of the mobile-friendly algorithm starting in May, making mobile search even more important than it already is. Keeping up means being able to quickly adapt your business model to the times ahead. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is the only the first step.

Smart Technology

Many of the things we rely on each day are becoming smarter. From phones to cars, smart technology is presenting a very real opportunity to expand your marketing strategy in an incredibly targeted way. Imagine that your smart car is synced up with your phone, for instance. If the car overheats, it could diagnose its own problems, refer you to the closet, best-reviewed and most economical place to have it repaired, give you directions, and guide you to it. The marketing implications could be massive, allowing brands to capitalize in ways they never thought possible.

Once a Utopian dream, today's tech has finally caught up with The Jetsons

Once a Utopian dream, today’s tech has finally caught up with The Jetsons

Wearable technology may be new on the scene, but it is already becoming a vital resource for mobile marketing. Because of the convenience factor, users of wearable devices are always connected to the web and able to engage with your brand at the click of a button or even less at times. They also offer an unprecedented ability to collect data on consumers. More data means customer profiles that are more in-depth than ever before.

Tools, Tools and More Tools

While analytics for smart technology Is still in its infancy, the field is expected to grow massively in the near future due to the explosion in wearable smart devices. The trove of data that will be available on consumers will be unlike anything ever seen before – including everything from geolocation, behavioral patterns, psychological responses to campaigns and so much more. With a new wealth of information available to marketers, hyper-targeted campaigns may be the way of the future.

Another important advance in marketing comes with the power of voice search. Many devices, such as cars and smartphones, already use mobile search to provide users with hands-free, on-the-go convenience. What does it mean for your brand? Well, voice search is much more likely to result in an action taking place, making your ability to populate in search a huge asset to your organization.

According MindMeld's December Survey of 1,800 adult smartphone users - 60 percent had already used voice-assisted search in the past year, and 40 percent had started using it in the past six months!

According MindMeld’s December Survey of 1,800 adult smartphone users – 60 percent had already used voice-assisted search in the past year, and 40 percent had started using it in the past six months!

Video marketing is fast becoming a mainstay for mobile marketers. Nowadays, people consume more media on their phones than they do on their televisions, radios and even computers. This makes it necessary to focus marketing resources on your brand’s video capabilities, creating engaging video content that resonates with your target personas.

Like it or not, marketing is going mobile and it’s not slowing down for anyone. Make sure your organization is on top of the latest trends and ready to tackle the next technology trend with help from Eyeflow. Over our 15 years of existence, Eyeflow has seen technology come and go while remaining the go-to experts for all things online marketing. Don’t get stuck on past practices and outdated marketing techniques. Be the first to jump on all the new marketing trends with help from Eyeflow.

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