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Looking for that extra boost in your company’s social media profiles but don’t know where to turn? Look no further than Twitter. With over 240 million active users, Twitter ranks as one of the top social media platforms on the web. Twitter provides businesses ample opportunity to directly connect with their market, giving a business the chance to share content, pictures and more with their followers. However, sticking out from the almost 5,700 tweets per second can prove to be a bit difficult. Here are ten tips to make sure your business’s tweets get noticed.


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1. Tweet on the Weekends

Brands that are posting content on the weekends reap the benefits of higher brand engagement up to 17 percent. Be sure to maximize this increased engagement by not having your twitter account be exclusively a Monday to Friday job.

2. Tweet with Pictures

Adding a relevant, captivating image to your post will help it stand out from others in your subscriber’s never ending list of tweets. With the addition of inline images, users no longer have to click links to see the images you post. As a result, tweets with images have been found to be twice as effective as tweets without, doubling the amount of engagement.

3. Get Retweeted

One of the primary sources of new followers and subscribers to your account will be through others retweeting what you post. How do you get your content retweeted? While creative and funny posts go a long way, you can increase your chances of being retweeted by just asking for it, with even more results if you spell out the word “retweet” within your post.

4. Know the Demographics

Next time you hear someone say that the internet is only for teenagers, consider that Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is actually those between the ages of 55 and 60. No matter what your target demographic is, your business cannot hurt from expanding their social media strategy, as social media has climbed its way up the age demographics.

5. Link, Link and Link some more

Links will not only help bring more traffic to your site, but also help you appeal to more Twitter users. Tweets containing links to content are 86 percent more likely to be retweeted, bringing more social engagement to your brand while broadening your social reach.

6. Go Mobile

With 66 percent of all user-generated tweets mentioning brands coming from mobile devices, keeping in line with the mobile shift in social media is of utmost importance to improve your brand’s social engagement.

7. The Power of the Hashtag

Using hashtags properly can double the amount of social engagement with your tweets, but when used in excess tweets can see a drop in the amount of engagement. Using one or two hashtags often provides the best results, bringing in 21 percent more higher engagement than those tweets including three or more hashtags.

8. Boost your Brand with Amplifiers

Amplifiers, or users that retweet content on a more regular basis than others, have been found 122 percent more likely to direct message as well. With recent changes to twitter allowing anyone to direct message any user, marketers get a new opportunity to reach out to their target audience.

9. Tweet for the Commuters

Mobile users, making up 76 percent of all twitter’s total users, have been found 181 percent more likely to be active on twitter during their commute to work. Posting during these hours can greatly improve your tweet’s chances to be viewed. Additionally, these users are 119 percent more likely to be on Twitter during their work or school hours.

10. Keep it Short and Sweet

While Twitter allows you to use up to 140 characters for each tweet, but using all of this characters isn’t always the best idea for your business. Studies have shown that tweets with less than 100 characters receive up to 17 percent more engagement. For tweets with links, focus on writing tweets between 120 and 130 characters to maximize your clickthrough rates.

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