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Content is king. We’ve heard it for years, but is it true? In the end, content makes up the very core of what attracts and retains customers coming into your website, compelling them to engage with your brand and pushing your entire inbound marketing strategy forward along the way.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to Hubspot’s annual ‘State of Inbound Marketing Report,’ businesses that blog are 13x more likely to drive positive ROI to their brand, and most marketers can agree that blogging, landing pages and other types of content creation are truly among the top inbound marketing projects in the industry.

So what exactly is content marketing? Simply stated, content marketing is the creation and publication of valuable, unique content to your website – including everything from blog posts and white papers to case studies and landing page – for the purpose of driving customer engagement, generating leads and enhancing your brand’s visibility. Follow along as our team of inbound marketing experts explores the core silos of any content marketing strategy, helping your brand capitalize on this highly influential component of your inbound marketing toolbox.

Attracting a New Audience with Blog Post Creation

Over 81% of U.S. customers trust information and advice they read from blogs

If your business doesn’t have a blog, get one. Over 81% of U.S. customers trust information and advice they read from blogs, and nearly 61% of customers have made a purchase based on recommendations they found in a blog post. No matter how you look at it, blogs are one of the best ways to capture customer attention during the research phase of their search and drive them further down the sales funnel.

Blogs are an excellent opportunity to extend your brand and showcase a bit of personality, bringing your company to life for potential customers while providing them with some valuable insight into your industry. When it comes to creating content for your blog posts, put yourself in the minds of your buyer personas. Providing the reader with something valuable just may make the difference between 1 visit and 1,000 visits. No matter what topics you write, always aim to provide your own personal twist to create the absolute best article on the web.

Once you have brilliant blog content on your side, it’s time to add some compelling call-to-actions to encourage a reader to click all around your site and learn all there is to know about your brand.

Turn Visitors into Leads with Landing Pages

While your brand’s blog may be what leads visitors to your site, it’s your ability to write irresistible landing page copy that will ultimately determine how successful your inbound marketing strategy is. Your website’s landing pages are where ‘browsers’ turn into leads and potential buyers, so using powerful words that appeal to your readers’ emotions is a must to make sure your copy packs a punch and delivers results.

While converting your visitors into buyers is the ultimate goal, 96% of your first-time readers aren’t yet ready to buy. Using landing pages can capture visitor’s contact data and drive them into your sales funnel. Once you’ve collected some information, you’ll be able to continue to nurture your relationships to nurture them further down the sales funnel.

Creating compelling landing pages starts with identifying what action you want your customers to take. From there, use short sentences, specifics, emotion driving vocabulary and compelling call-to-actions to give your brand record-breaking conversions.

No matter if you’re looking to pitch a product, boost your newsletter or showcase results – convincing landing page copy is your secret to success.

Capture Information with Premium Content

Premium content pieces, or ‘offers’ as we here at Eyeflow like to say, are a primary part of your brand’s ability to generate new leads. Unlike blog posts and landing pages, premium content requires the user to ‘subscribe’ or download an asset in exchange for some information.

Offers provide your web readers with something tangible they can take away from your brand, really helping you to establish yourself as the thought leader in your industry. It helps demonstrate some rationale for why they need to build a relationship with your brand.

That being said, the content you create should go far beyond the basics of any normal blog posts or website copy, providing your readership with an endless amount of worksheets, checklists, manuals and more to help showcase what makes your brand the experts of your industry. Rather than promoting your specific services, this is the time to show off just how much you know. Make sure to write and design with the customer in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to dealing out the information your audience is after.

If you’re looking to give your content marketing strategy a kick in the butt, get in touch with the writers, creators and inbound marketing thought leaders at Eyeflow Internet Marketing. Our team lives, breathes, eats and sleeps content strategy, helping your brand produce high-quality, precisely targeted content to help capture the attention of your audience. Make sure your message is being heard all around the web and contact Eyeflow today!

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Cory is the Director of Content Development at Eyeflow. He graduated with a degree in Multimedia from Point Park University, where he held focus in print writing and online content. When not at work, Cory spends his time conquering Pittsburgh's hills on his bike, tackling DIY projects and crafting creative recipes.

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