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Inbound marketing takes a lot of hard work on your end. What’s worse is that even after all the effort and time you put in, your website can still fall flat on its face without the proper support.

Somewhere along the line, marketers came to believe that their investments in inbound marketing and advertising were completely separate channels. However, this could not be further from the truth. Your paid advertisements can actually work side-by-side with your organic efforts.

With some integrated planning and careful coordination, your paid advertising investments can actually support your organic search engine marketing. Whether you are looking to assist in lead generation, drive new traffic to your website or give your content some new life – discover all advantages paid advertising can have on your approach to inbound marketing.

Paid Ads and Organic Traffic

Controversial to popular opinion, paid advertising can not only exist in the world of inbound marketing, but it can thrive. Including ads that amplify your site’s engaging content or satisfy a customer’s expressed need can effectively improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Anything that influences online searches can have an indirect effect on your SEO performance. While paid, no-follow ads will never lead to direct organic traffic, they can create brand recognition that will drive customers to your site later on. The more often your customers see your brand front and center across the web, the more they begin to trust in your brand and your products.

Types of Inbound Friendly Advertising

Paid advertising can take many forms, and using the right channels can provide your business with a significant boost. Here’s a little bit of insight on some of the most popular forms of paid advertising that you should look to include in your inbound marketing strategy.

Social Advertising

Social advertising may just be the next big thing in the online advertising game. With social media set to continue its surge in users for years to come, social media advertising can provide a big benefit to your inbound marketing strategy.

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Since social networks gather a large amount of user information, social media advertising allows you to target your audience like never before, stretching beyond demographic data and exploring deeper levels of your persona. Using advanced targeting methods focused on audience interests, behaviors, similarities and more, social ads provide businesses with a level of personalization otherwise unheard of in other ad channels.

Tracking your performance in any ad campaign is a must, and social media ads make reporting effectiveness easier than ever. By adding a short snippet or code to the page you are directing social audiences to, you’ll be able to attribute any conversion made to help you be smarter with your ad spending and strategy.

Content Amplification

Your content shouldn’t die shortly after you post it. Extend the life of your content and maximize the reach of all your hard work through content amplification. By sharing your story on a broad network of publishers, you can reach audiences otherwise unheard of.

Content amplification starts by finding the right amplification networks to share your story, putting your content in front of the eyes of thousands of targeted customers to engage new audiences. Content distribution channels or paid press release channels are an easy way to put your content in front of more than 200 million fresh faces every month.

Targeting the right audience only increases your chances of engagement, helping you drive high-quality web traffic to your site while demonstrating your expertise. When your audience is ready to make a purchase, you’ll be front of their mind as a valuable resource and trusted supplier.


According to research, roughly two percent of customers convert on their first visit to an online store. If you are looking to capture the remaining 98 percent, give retargeting ads a shot.

When a customer first visits your site, they are likely still in their ‘research’ phase, meaning that your customers are still looking to find the best business out there for a particular good or service. Retargeting ads provide these customers with a reminder of your brand whether they are reading the latest news or keeping up with their favorite blog.

Simply put, retargeting ads help keep your brand front and center for those online ‘window shoppers’ who browse but forget to buy. Every time a customer sees your ad, your brand creates traction and recognition in their minds. When they’re finally ready to buy, your ad will be there as a reminder for where they left off.

There was a time when paid advertising and inbound marketing were considered two separate worlds. As online customers evolve and new marketing strategies emerge, the lines existing between the two have become blurred. Find the perfect union for this unlikely couple with help from Eyeflow Internet Marketing. Our inbound marketing experts deliver a complete marketing package for your business, putting your brand front and center for audiences all across the web. Whether you’re looking to increase your leads, drive new traffic or build customer engagement, let Eyeflow handle it all and build your brand’s inbound marketing machine
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