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Whether your company is already in the middle of running an internet marketing campaign or you’re taking the initial steps, it is vital to not underestimate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). There are an endless amount of methods that SEO experts use to help boost their search rankings and attract new and increased traffic. This expansive variety of methods coupled with roughly 500 changes to search engine’s (Google, Bing, etc.) algorithms makes not only the choice of SEO method important but also adds value to being able to withstand the changes and stay atop search engine rankings. At Eyeflow, our internet marketing and SEO experts have developed a white paper outlining some of the most critical Do’s and Don’ts for a successful and lasting SEO internet marketing campaign.

White Hat SEO v. Black Hat SEO

In SEO, there are two umbrella categories of tactics on how to improve your search engine rankings and help you attract new traffic to your site. These practices are commonly referred to as “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO.” White hat SEO techniques are rewarded by search engine algorithms for their original and unique content while black hat SEO strategies put websites in danger of penalties or even banning from search engine rankings.

Best Practice SEO

Best practice SEO strategies are those that not only abide search engine rules and regulations by using white hat SEO strategies, but these tips also ensure that you will see long lasting internet marketing success.

To become a true leader in your field, take initiative by developing original and fresh content.

The unique content will not only boost your search rankings through search algorithms but it will also draw new traffic to your site. Keeping your web pages readable and user friendly is also a step in the right direction for internet marketing and search engine rankings. By providing a clear message with relevant headers and content you can improve your website’s overall performance. Using static pages for general information topics and blog posts for current trends or topics helps your site to be best suited for the user.

SEO Strategies to Avoid

While tricks were one time common in the SEO industry, several of these black hat SEO strategies now result in penalties or banning from search engine rankings with the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. With Google and other search engine bots focusing more on website quality than keyword quantity sticking to best practice SEO techniques is your safest bet. Avoiding any strategy that relies on deceit, link schemes and avoid forcing high volume keywords into your content you can ensure your website stays in regulation.

With every update, search engines are getting closer to reaching optimum user friendliness while also eliminating poor quality websites out of search rankings. With many black hat SEO techniques promising quick results, many of those are put in danger of future penalties that can harm both a website’s and a brand’s reputation. For more information on how to create an internet marketing SEO campaign that is built for long-term success and how to avoid black hat SEO tactics, please download our white paper “6 Dos and Don’ts of SEO in 2014,” and run the our “Perfect Piece of SEO Content Checklist” on your website today.

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