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A major aspect of managing a blog is providing a continual stream of fresh content. If you don’t provide an ongoing supply of new content for your readers, they may lose interest in your website and search for other sources of information. However, if you consistently offer useful, relevant information on your blog, your visitors will likely view your site as an authoritative source – and they will be apt to return to it.

Writing incredible content is only one part of the equation, and you might find your efforts wasted without an attention-grabbing title to draw audiences to your posts. Your blog’s headline is your one shot at a killer first impression.

Still not convinced? On average 80% of your readers will read nothing but your headline copy, leaving hundreds of potential customers slightly out of your reach before they even make it half way down the page. If you’re looking for a surefire way to improve your blog’s success, start at the top with the title and let the rest come together, piece by piece.

Start with a Working Title

Before you spend hours tearing the hairs out of your head trying to come up with the perfect title for your post, start smaller and give your content a working title. Once you have a topic in mind, a working title will help you stay specific in your approach, helping you exert your authority over a specific branch of any industry topic you desire.

Be Clear and Concise

One of the most common mistakes when creating blog post titles is to use too many words. Search engines cut off page titles after 65 characters, so keep your headlines under that limit to maximize your title’s reach across the web and stay on the search engine radar.

Identify Your Keywords

Using relevant keywords early on in your blog headlines will help maximize its search visibility and drive interested, organic visitors to your brand. Some marketers suggest following a ‘first three, last three’ rule, a guidelines that suggests most readers pay attention to the first three and last three words of a headline when choosing from articles on search engine page results.

Aim To Educate, Not Mislead

While it may be tempting to pack your post’s headline with powerful wording filled with false promise, make sure that the benefits of reading your blog post are clearly outlined in the first few words. Most readers want to be able to understand what they’ll get in return for their time spend reading, so make sure to let the reader know just what they are getting into when they click through to your post.

Give it Some Power

Once you have the core chunk of your headline in place, it’s time to amp up the excitement towards your headline. As a copywriter, it’s your job to give the reader something to be psyched about. No one wants to read content that appears to be boring, so set expectations high and don’t be afraid to sell yourself to help you compete amongst your competitor’s crafty titles and headlines.

Brainstorm with Buyer Personas in Mind

Don’t let your headlines take a backseat in your writing process, but rather brainstorm several different blog titles to help you find just the right fit for your target audience. Using your developed audience personas, create a series of smart & strategic headlines that capitalize on their desires or capitalizes on their questions. Setting some time aside to brainstorm headlines will help you find the perfect

Get Some Outside Perspective

When coming up with your attention-grabbing headlines, it sometimes is best to let someone else take control of the steering wheel for a bit. Stepping away from your post and allowing other members of your team to add their input can help you gain a fresh perspective and think of title structures and verbiage you may have missed in your own thought process.

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