Blogging has received a lot of buzz in recent years but more recently you’ve probably been hearing about twitter, friendfeed and other micro-blogging platforms. The big difference between traditional blogging and micro-blogging is the character limit, for example twitter limits you to 140 characters. Why would you want to use a service that only lets you post 140 characters at a time? The quick answer is time.

Many blogs fail because bloggers don’t have the time to keep their blog up-to-date. This is because to make a blog post you usually have to do research and type 300+ words and include images and links. Where as with a Micro-Blog you can get quick tidbits of information to hundreds of potential followers in just seconds. This is not to say you should get rid of your blog but use your micro-blog to help promote your existing blog.

Benefits of Micro-Blogging:

  1. Build brand awareness.
  2. Grow your business network.
  3. Give your client base important announcements.
  4. Give and get feedback.
  5. Quickly syndicate your content.

5 Micro-Blogging Tips:

  1. Use keywords in your posts.
  2. Give your posts a personality.
  3. Follow people who may be interested in your business.
  4. Fill out your micro-blog bio.
  5. Link to your micro-blog.

Twitter update interface.

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