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In 2013, over 5.9 billion google searches were run each day. With the ever increasing presence of google, everything and everyone has become a subject of the search engine bringing online reputation management to a high level of importance. Both people and companies continue to use Google as a basis for online reputation, meaning what people are saying about your brand on the web can often directly impact your company’s conversions. Taking control over your online reputation management and carefully monitoring your brand’s web presence is more crucial to business success than ever before.  Just because Google results positively reflect your brand one day doesn’t mean they will stay that way come tomorrow. Recent news, social media blasts or even algorithm changes in Google’s search engines can quickly abrupt your brand’s web reputation. Here are some simple tips for staying on top of your brand’s online reputation and keeping your online community satisfied.

Owning the Front Page

namechk Google your company’s name, are you the top result? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, would you buy from a company after reading what the internet has to say about your brand? Owning your search engine results page is crucial in online reputation management, with an estimated 90% of users only browsing the first two pages. By building and optimizing high ranking social media profiles like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can help you ensure that when your brand is googled you will be directing potential customer’s to the right source. Using sites like NameChk can help you determine if your company name is available across a broad spectrum of social media profiles.

Building an Online Community

hootsuite social media management dashboard Social media simply isn’t just a fad, a bold statement backed by 92% of marketers indicating that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their business. The influx of social media has allowed for customers to be closer than ever to the companies they love, or hate. People have the power to sway the opinions of many with a simple Facebook post or tweet. After you build your social media, it is important to respond to customer’s as much as possible. Communicating directly with your audience coupled with producing new, engaging content will help maintain your current audience while attracting new markets. There are a variety of online tools available that can help you build an audience. Hootsuite and Buffer are both social media management sites that help to expand your audience and web community. The more you post, the better. Linking your social media feeds with your blog is one way to ensure that your content will reach an audience while helping your company rank high in search results and boost your online reputation.

Monitor Your Brand Mentions

googlealerts Keeping an eye and ear open for what is being said about your brand will help you be prepared for any possible negative feedback. There are several different tools available online to monitor your brand mentions and ensure a well-received online reputation.  The easiest way to monitor your brand mentions is to set up a Google Alert. Entering your name in the search query option of Google Alerts will allow you to get daily or weekly updates about what people are searching for of how often you receive brand mentions on the web. In addition, sites and programs like Fresh Web Explorer, HyperAlerts2 and Mention to index and alert you on Facebook updates and Twitter brand mentions, keeping you informed and analyzing what your customers are saying about you! With over a billion Facebook users and hundreds of million more on Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and LinkedIn, it is nearly impossible to grow your brand without first ensuring quality online reputation management. No matter your business big or small, be certain you are properly managing your most valuable asset to your online reputation, your image.

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Cory is the Director of Content Development at Eyeflow. He graduated with a degree in Multimedia from Point Park University, where he held focus in print writing and online content. When not at work, Cory spends his time conquering Pittsburgh's hills on his bike, tackling DIY projects and crafting creative recipes.

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