Ever since companies started socializing their brands on the web, a whole industry is starting to flourish around the online brand reputation and the online reputation management. Some might say that all this is just an exaggeration cause by the social media phenomenon. And maybe some might think, that when everybody will stop talking about twitter, all this buzz about online reputation will settle down.

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In my opinion, things may turn out to be very different. And I can hear the reasonable criticism of those who will claim that my views are biased since I am working for an Online Marketing Agency. Online Reputation Management is here to stay for good. I believe that sooner than we think, social media will be an established, taken-for-granted way to get connected with the world (not just the online part of it). And when this will happen, the effect they have on shaping views and triggering action will be magnified. When tweeting live about the terrible service you are experiencing at a bar will no longer be a big deal, that’s when the real power of social media will be realized. The many-to-many communication that social media websites offer has a tremendous potential to change things and situations we still consider traditionally offline (and thus static).

In that sense, transparency in our daily interactions with businesses will become a standard. Customers will communicate easier with each other, reviews will become as easy as tweets and reputation management will become a much harder task. On that basis, we have started to offer a free online reputation analysis that will give you a quick glance on what people are already saying about your brand in social media, blogs, comments, online communities and forums. If you decide to request a free online reputation report, please be specific and accurate in the details you provide us because we ignore requests that look spammy.

In the online reputation analysis we will answer these questions:

  • Who is initiating influential conversations about your brand?
  • What are the main topics discussed about your brand?
  • Are there any unsatisfied customers that cause damage to your brand image?
  • Are you missing customer feedback that could be valuable for improving your services?
  • Do people actually talk about your brand on Twitter? How often? What do they say?
  • Are there any particular comments that seem to be malicious?
  • What is the best way to communicate with your customers online? Facebook, Twitter or Yelp?

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