pittsburgh steelers superbowl trophies

Infographic: 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers – Road to the Playoffs

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to square off against division rivals this Saturday evening as they take on the Baltimore...
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online holiday shopping 2014

Holiday Shopping and E-Commerce: Online v. In-Line

With the unofficial shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our rearview mirror, the holiday shopping season is...
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seo competitive analysis tools

SEO Competitive Analysis Tools: Become a Spy

For many of us, keeping track of our own website’s SEO performance is hard enough. However, within the ever-changing world...
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pittsburhg pirates statistics

The 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates: A Season of Surprises – Infographic

For the second straight year, the Pittsburgh Pirates will once again faceoff in a one-game, winner take all showdown at...
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world cup 2014

#WorldCup Social Media Statistics: Infographic

The players aren’t the only ones breaking records at this year’s World Cup. In fact, the world is in frenzy...
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get more twitter followers

Improving Social Engagement with Twitter: Infographic

Looking for that extra boost in your company’s social media profiles but don’t know where to turn? Look no further...
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social media meta tag tools

Validator Tools for Social Meta Tags and Search Engine Markup

By now, many marketing experts and business owners know about the importance and use of meta data to better optimize your web...
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free ON-PAGE seo whitepaper

SEO Tips for On-Page Content

Google and other search engines make roughly around 500 – 600 updates to their search engine algorithms each year. With...
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free seo whitepaper

Internet Marketing Dos and Don’ts of SEO

Whether your company is already in the middle of running an internet marketing campaign or you’re taking the initial steps,...
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list of seo tools

List of Free SEO Tools: SEO Swiss Army Knife

Here at Eyeflow, our team of internet marketing experts has compiled an extensive list of SEO tools to bring maximum...
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SEO Hero SEO HTML5 Game Title Screen

SEO Video Game Encourages Ethical SEO Strategies

Eyeflow Internet Marketing out of Pittsburgh, Pa proudly brings you SEO Hero, an SEO video game you can play online,...
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Checklist for 3 SEO Usability Standards

Does Your Website Pass the 3 U’s of SEO?

In the past, SEO success could be made even if your site wasn’t necessarily user-friendly, unique or even all that...
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Safe Link Building with the 3 Golden Rules

Demystifying Link Schemes & the 3 Golden Rules of Link Building

Google has been fighting low quality link building for over a decade, and since the Google Penguin update (April 2012)...
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Keyword Topics for SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Strategy for 2014: Moving from Keywords to Topics

One of the major SEO changes of 2013 was Google’s shift to keyword (not provided). While this caused a major upset...
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SEO Content Marketing Checklist

Content Marketing Checklist for Perfect SEO Content

If you’re involved with inbound marketing you’ve probably heard about SEO content. Your next two questions are probably 1) Why...
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google serps

SEO Theory: How Google Calculates Content Value

It’s no secret that content is king if you want to perform well in search results, but how does that...
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seo sandwich chef

The Layers of a Tasty SEO Sandwich

Developing a good SEO strategy is like making a good sandwich. In order to get a good result, you need...
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Thumbs up!

How Rich Snippets Can Benefit Your Website

Since 2009, Google has been using Rich Snippets in search results to help users quickly find more information on subjects...
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Have you heard of inbound marketing graph

88% of People Have Never Heard of Inbound Marketing

According to a recent survey we conducted on Google Consumer Surveys, chances are that you haven’t! From 1,002 responses, we...
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google panda 4.1 update

Google Panda Recovery: Conducting a Content Strength Audit

Google has taken a stance to lower the rankings of sites that appear to be made up of low-quality content...
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How to Apply Online Tools to Improve Collaboration

Small businesses and start-ups are booming in today’s business community. Small firms and freelancers are providing specialized, niche services to...
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How SEO Recently Changed and What You Should Know

If you’re looking to hire an SEO company, whether it’s for the first time or second, you should take some...
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Obama vs Romney SEO POV

SEO Vote 2012 – Which Candidate Has the SEO Vote?

SEO Vote 2012 was a micorsite we built that compared the SEO statistics of Obama vs. Romney. You can learn...
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business actions awards

10 Offline Business Actions Translated to Online

To deliver the best results possible to users, Google wants to show legitimate and popular businesses in their search results....
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Eyeflow Optimizing On Page Elements

Optimizing On-Page Elements of a Website

By optimizing on-page elements of a website, we provide the structure for a successful SEO campaign. Search engines do not...
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Eyeflow Optimizing for Google Places Part 1

Optimizing for Google Places, Part 1

Optimizing your Google Places Local Listing   If you have not claimed, verified and optimized your Google Places listing, you...
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build a website on a budget

5 Easy Steps to get a Website Set Up, Running and Ranking in Google

Search engine optimization is essential if you want people to visit your website, but learning the ins and outs of...
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measure seo performance

Measure Your Website’s SEO Strength

Why Develop a New SEO Tool? Over the past year we have been working hard on a custom built SEO...
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