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Here at Eyeflow, our team of internet marketing experts has compiled an extensive list of SEO tools to bring maximum results to your website. We like to call it our SEO Swiss-army knife, providing us with all the SEO analyzer tools we need ranging from keyword research, link analysis, penalty indicators and much more. Here are some of the resources that made our SEO tools list:

Keyword Research

keyword research tools

Using a variety of online tools we dig deep to not only pinpoint the keywords your customers are searching for, but we also look for ways to improve upon your already successful keywords to help your company exert its web authority.

Link Analysis

backlink analysis tools

An integral part of search marketing, we analysis the data of your site’s relationships with other sites and help to build your link profile. With many search engine robots using links as a basis of brand reputation, high quality content links can bring in a vast stream of targeted web traffic to your website.

  • MajesticSEO – One of the largest and most frequently updated link databases.
  • Open Site Explorer – Moz’s marvelous attempt at backwards engineering Google’s own link algorithm.
  • ahrefs – Another great link analysis tool with lots data to play with.
  • Cognitive SEO – Cognitive SEO’s free backlink explorer generates a quick snapshot of a domains link profile.
  • Open Link Profiler – OLP offers all the typical features as well as their own scoring system.

Social Media

social media analysis tools

Aligning your brand’s social media and search optimization, we analyze your brand’s social signals and keep your page dynamic and engaged. Social media allows us to build an online community for your customers to not only interact in but also to spread the content you are producing, helping your expand your brand.

  • ahrefs Content Explorer – See the top performing (by social shares) content on virtually any topic or see a sites most socially popular posts.
  • Buzzsumo – Find out what the most shared content is for any domain.
  • Topsy – Take twitter search to a new level. See who’s sharing URLs and track trends.
  • Shared Count – Check how many times a URL has been shared on social media sites.
  • Wildfire Social Monitor – Compare your follower growth vs. that of your competitors.
  • Followerwonk – Find and compare the influence of twitter users.
  • Klout – Klout attempts to calculate a score for your social media influence.
  • Kred – Kred is a score and a social network in one.

Algorithm Changes and Penalties

algorithim analysis tools

With many search engines changing their algorithms an upwards of 400 times a year, we pay close attention to your site’s rankings for not only current but also future success by staying on top of all the major algorithm changes and keeping your page in check. By using best practice SEO strategies and techniques we avoid the penalties set up by these changes to keep your website search rankings on top.


webmaster seo tools

Webmaster SEO tools are essential for success. Providing a suite of different tools to take a look into your website as a search engine would see it, webmaster tools help to optimize your page’s performance by providing HTML improvements, content keywords, structured data, site maps and more.

On-Page Optimization

on-page SEO tools

We optimize your site for high quality and informative content with unique headers and subcategories to help user friendliness and build a high search rank. In addition, we take a look into the coding of your site, helping define a page’s purpose and topic through title tags, meta descriptions, image alt attributes and structured URLs.

  • SEO Browser – See how a site looks from a search engine’s perspective. (alternative: browseo)
  • Copyscape –  Check to see if there are URLs with the same content. (alternative: plagspotter)
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth – Crawl a site for broken URLs and more.
  • Screaming Frog – Crawl through a site as a search engine spider would.
  • Text Cleanr – Quickly and easily clean up common content errors.
  • nTopic –  This tool helps you try to optimize your content for a specific keyword.

Page Speed

page speed SEO tools

Tired of waiting? We have the tools to increase your page’s load time and keep potential customers from playing the waiting game with your website. By balancing your site traffic with page speed, visitors to your site are sure to have the best web experience possible.

  • Google Page Speed – Page Speed represents Google’s attempt to help webmaster improve the speed of their sites which also leads to a better search experience for Google users.
  • yslow – yslow is Yahoo’s answer to Page Speed optimization.
  • GT Metrix – GT Metrix scores both Google Page Speed and Yslow at once. It also provides detail information on how to optimize your site.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test – A great alternative to yslow or page speed.


usability seo tools

As search engine bots continue to push towards user friendliness, the usability of your site is now more important than ever before. Ensuring unique content and ease of use for visitors can not only boost search rankings but also increase your chances for shared content and watch your brand spread.

With the list of SEO tools in our arsenal, each member of our internet marketing team focuses on their given area of expertise to bring SEO success to your campaign. Want to learn more about our list of SEO tools and how a SEO campaign can benefit your business, take the first step by contacting Eyeflow Internet Marketing today at 866.849.0740 to talk to one of our internet marketing experts .

Why not also squeeze in a shameless plug for our very own SEO tool; SEOzio is a free SEO analysis tool that scores the SEO potential of your website.

seozio SEO analysis tool

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our list.

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