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Eyeflow Internet Marketing out of Pittsburgh, Pa proudly brings you SEO Hero, an SEO video game you can play online, placing you in the role of our White Hat Hero as you attempt to avoid the obstacles of a dirty and deceptive campaign tactics and reach SEO Success.

As with most things, SEO comes in two different methodologies. To best describe these SEO techniques the terms “White hat SEO” and “Black hat SEO” came about, with both referring to a different set of techniques used to improve the search rankings of a given website or web page.

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White Hat SEO

White hat SEO refers to the good practice strategies and techniques when applying SEO to a web page. White hat SEO techniques include the keyword research, analysis, relevant meta tags and title names as well as improved content and web redesign. Overall, White hat SEO strategies produce content for the users, not the search engines, with the idea that the readability and relevance of content on a site will lead to Google +1’s, or likes. Editing your web pages with the user in mind, using effective keywords, semantically structuring your mark up and having quality inbound links can all bring search ranking reward to your website.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO strategies refer to hose that attempt to improve search rankings as quickly as possible, without always following search engine guidelines and focusing on deceptive tactics. While Black Hat strategies will prove quicker results, ultimately these results are short term solutions and sites using Black Hat techniques are often banned and de-indexed or penalized upon the discovery of their deceptive techniques including keyword stuffing, invisible text, spamdexing, doorway pages and invisible iFrames.

The Reward of Ethical Content

With Google’s Panda Update, websites with high-quality, user geared content are seeing a rankings reward not only for specific web pages but for entire websites. By using honest and ethical White hat SEO techniques, there is no long-term risk as the absence of spamming techniques will leave your web pages free from Google spam removal.

In contrast, the Penguin update penalized those websites using Black hat techniques. This update decreased the rankings of sites using black hat SEO techniques while helping high quality content reach the top of search engine rankings.

See  if you have what it takes to conquer the obstacles of black hat SEO and play the SEO video game.

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