Inbound Marketing Strategy

Define Inbound Marketing Goal

Step 1: Define Your Goal

We meet with companies in a rigorous planning session to set down the goals and objectives that will guide the inbound marketing campaign. This phase puts both your team and our team on the same page so we better understand your business and you better understand our process. Not only does this allow us to better tailor our work to suit your needs, but it also opens up communication between team members from the very start.

strengthen the foundation of your inbound marketing campaign

Step 2: Strengthen Your Foundation

Our development experts take a hard look at your website to identify performance failures and technical errors that would impede our inbond marketing strategy. The improvements we make at this stage are fundamental for the usability of a website for both users and search engine spiders. After we fix errors we find, users will be more satisfied with their experience on your website, and search engines will also be able to more accurately index the content of your website. We also note problems that can be addressed in our SEO content development.

Develop a Inbound Marketing Strategy

Step 3: Develop A Strategy

With the information we've gathered in the research phases, we'll create a content and promotion plan so that we are creating material that will interest your audience, and we will promote in a way that ensures your target audience sees it. The strategy stage also gives us another opportunity to sync our inbound marketing strategy with your message to make sure that all content that appears on your site is not only promoting industry-relevant material, but the focus and personality of your particular brand.

Step 4: Coordinate the Execution

Our team of writers and designers works off of the content strategy to create digital assets for your website. We'll work with your team to gain approval for each piece of content as it is created as well as adjust pieces to better cater to your specific audience. Together, we can ensure that your website maintains steady content publication over the course of the campaign. This sends positive signals to search engines of consistent activity as well as gives users new material to come back and check out.

Step 5: Reach Your Goal!

Over the course of the inbound marketing campaign, we will be monitoring a series of performance indicators to track our progress toward your long- and short-term goals. This allows us to see how effective our work is and to catch any sudden developments as they occur to limit damage and capitalize on growth.

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