Google Penalty Recovery

Recover Your Rankings and Traffic from a Google Penalty

Has your website lost traffic? Have you noticed a drop in your site’s search engine rankings? In the recent years, Google and other search engines have altered their algorithms, causing several successful SEO strategies of the past to now put sites at high-risk of penalty. Whether intentional or accidental, failing to update your SEO strategies will hurt your business in the long run.  With Eyeflow’s Google penalty recovery service, our team provides the tools and strategies to get your site back on track. At Eyeflow, our SEO experts offer an in-depth analysis into your site and on-page content, pinpointing where and how your website has been penalized by search engines while staying up-to-date with the latest Penguin and Panda updates.  Our tools will help your site regain and maintain the top search engine rankings, boost your web authority on industry topics and help your website attract traffic and conversions.


Our Google Penalty Recovery Service:

Dedicated Staff

Our team lives and breathes SEO, committing themselves to repairing your website and making it there goal to become some of the best in the business.

Manual Analysis

Rather than leaving it up to glitch-prone software, our team manually looks into your site, ensuring you that no detail of your site goes overlooked.


With 13 years of internet marketing experience and 12 awards, Eyeflow has established itself as a leader in the industry and has helped hundreds of sites with their SEO and Google penalty recovery service

Constant Monitoring

Our team’s work doesn’t end after we recover your site. Instead, the SEO consultants at Eyeflow will continually monitor your page and search engine updates to prevent future penalties.

Google Penalty Recovery Service:


  • Can’t find your site in Google search engine results.
  • Significant drop in keyword rankings.
  • Decrease in the organic search engine traffic to your site.
  • You receive an alert from Google Webmaster Tools.

Penalty Types

  1. Off-Site Link Penalty
  2. On-Site Link Penalty
  3. Thin Content
  4. Hacked Site
  5. Pure Spam
  6. User-Generated Spam
  7. Spammy Host
  8. Cloaking
  9. Hidden Text or Keyword Stuffing
  10. Spammy Structured Markup

Recovering from a Penalty:

The first step to recovery from search engine penalties is assessing your website and determining your site’s penalty and violations. Using the aid of Google’s Webmaster Tools and accessing the Manual Actions page will list your site’s penalties and help you map out your road to Google penalty recovery and a return to search engines.


Our team will manual review your site’s link profile, looking in-depth into and removing link networks, schemes and spam. Once all unnatural links are removed from your site, our team will create and promote useful and interactive links both on and off your site.


By performing a content strength audit, the content team at Eyeflow will grade your site’s current content and overall site usability. Once we pinpoint your problem areas, we then go through and take the necessary steps to improve your site, exploring your target market and discovering new content opportunities.