Pay Per Click

Strategic Advertising for More Leads When You Need Them

PPC advertising can greatly enhance a company’s inbound marketing campaign. The effects of organic online marketing efforts build over time. While they are ultimately an enriching investment, there are other measures business owners can take, like PPC, to ensure that while their brand authority is steadily increasing, they are still able to gain immediate leads and conversions to grow their business in the short-term. Making smarter branded and non-branded bids will make your PPC dollars stretch farther and reach more potential clients.

Client advertisements can be seen on search engine results pages, blogs, and websites across the web. In addition to helping clients gain quick wins, PPC advertising can also help websites gain visibility for keywords they can’t rank for organically. Even if you already rank well for a keyword phrase, by integrating high-priority phrases into your PPC campaign, you can double your space on the SERPs by taking up slots in both the advertising sections as well as the organic results.

Pittsburgh PPC Services

Through a concerted PPC campaign, Eyeflow can help clients benefit in these main areas:

Increase local visibility

Local markets are often the ones that are the most sustaining for businesses. We can tailor your PPC campaign to your local area to gain the attention of your most ready clientele. This can translate into better online conversions as well as even more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Level the playing field

Depending on the dominance of other competitors in your industry, it may be impossible for you to gain top rankings through organic results. With PPC advertising, you can gain fist-page visibility for amplified exposure and more leads for your company.

Virtually instant results

SEO is a long game, whereas PPC is as close to instant as it comes in the world of online marketing. An investment in PPC can ensure a stable inflow of leads while your website builds authority and grows its online following.

Track conversion rates

Test out different keywords to see how well they bring in traffic and ultimately lead to a conversion. The results can be used to enhance future PPC campaigns as well as help guide the efforts of SEO campaigns toward those high-converting phrases.

With Eyeflow managing your Pay Per Click Advertising campaign, expert marketing managers will be monitoring your progress every step of the way, advising on ways to improve results, and making your ad spend do more work for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can boost your sales through PPC.

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