Social Media

Build a Community of Engaged and Brand-Loyal Followers

For any company, two of its most important assets are its website and its social media pages. A website is where a company lives, and its social media pages are where it goes to network. Creating accounts on various social media platforms (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) puts you where your customers go for news, entertainment, communication, and information on new companies. Websites only update regularly in a few places, such as the blog or news sections. The frequent activity on social media pages, however, allows companies to create a voice and personality for their brand.

Social media marketing is a staple component for comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns. Eyeflow can help clients benefit in multiple ways:

Gain followers and build reputation

Social media provides companies with a great venue to showcase their commitment to their customers and core values. Sharing both the content produced in-house as well as content produced by others in your industry is a way to reward followers by providing them with educational materials. The effort you put into educating your users will draw more social media users and related groups into your conversation, expanding your network.

Increase user accessibility

Contacting companies may be complicated or difficult for users if a website isn’t set up well or is experiencing problems. Social media profiles allow another level of connectivity between users and brand managers. It gives users a reliable channel to find out more about your company as well as interact with your brand.

Communicate directly with your audience

When you build a following, you have a direct line of communication with warm leads to listen to new promotions, products, and services. The people who are already the most likely to buy your products will be first in line to hear about your new offerings. Social media campaigns also help balance out these updates with engaging, non-promotional posts to keep attracting users between new releases.

Give users an open channel for feedback

One of the opportunities that social media provides is a great forum for user feedback. Listening to consumer feedback can give you more targeted ideas for content generation, identify areas of your business that can be improved, and keep you informed about the changing needs and attitudes of users.

Eyeflow can coordinate your SEO campaign with additional efforts in social media marketing for better results on all fronts of your campaign. For more information about how Eyeflow can improve your standing on social media and grow your network, contact us today.

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