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Redefine the User Experience of Your Website

After going through all the work of reaching out to new audiences, expanding your inbound marketing efforts, and attracting users to your website, it would be a disservice to your campaign to have users land on a dysfunctional website. By following the guidance provided through Eyeflow’s web design consulting services, your website will have a sleek, modern layout designed to funnel users through your sales process.

Web Design SEO Services

Eyeflow’s web design consulting services can improve the user experience on your site for markedly better performance results:

Longer visits

Don’t lose users after you’ve finally gotten them onto your website! Attractive, easily navigable websites naturally encourage users to stay on each page longer, read through more information, and continue exploring deeper into the website.

Increased leads and sales

With a more direct path for on-site visitors to take when exploring the site, they will be more successfully converted into leads than if they are left on the site without prompts, calls to action, or clear navigation options.

Refocused sales funnel

When a site is created, website owners should already know what action they want users to take, not just by the end of the visit, but on every page. Eventually, these steps should lead to an action that transitions visitors from user to lead or from lead to conversion (sale). As sites age and more content is added, this pathway may be lost or confused. Revisiting this process and ensuring its integrity will make sure that your website remains an effective marketing and sales tool.

Improved brand credibility

The professionalism of a site relies heavily on an updated appearance. Part of this is a security concern – older sites are more easily hacked, so users are less willing to trust their personal information with it. However, it also speaks to how much a company is willing to invest in its users by providing them with a better experience. Sales follow trust, and trust is the major payoff with clean sites.

Eyeflow will identify areas of your site that are underperforming, driving away traffic, and simply not functional. We’ll also provide recommendations for how to correct on-site errors. In the case of a redesign, Eyeflow will perform a pre-launch inspection to ensure that all of elements are in place and nothing on the site will impede search engine findability or functionality. For more information about Eyeflow’s web design consulting services, contact us today.

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