Social bookmarking has been around for a few years now and has been a great way for people to share and vote on web content. These sites usually let you create an account then submit your favorite blog posts, news stories , pictures, video and just about any other type of media. Then those stories are voted upon by other members of the website. Generally you can see the most recently popular stories on the front page as well as other sorting and categorizing options. Social bookmarking is definitely a great way to find the stories that you are going to be the most interested in.

Here are our top 5 social bookmarking site recommendations:

1. Digg
I had to put Digg on the list, because they are the grandfather of social bookmarking sites. Here you will generally find stories that are geeky, funny and sometimes political. Digg is great for websites with technical content and want to reach a young audience.

2. Mixx
Mixx is very much like Digg except for it targets a more main stream audience. The top photos section is very nice for those looking to get a glimpse of popular images from around the web. You’ll also notice that their layout is much different than that of, this has been met with mixed reviews (no punt intended).

3. Yahoo Buzz
Everyone knows Yahoo, the king of the early internet era. They saw that these other social bookmarking site’s we’re getting so popular that they had to make one for themselves. The stories I usually see on the front page of Yahoo Buzz are usually celebrity gossip and politics.

4. Stumble Upon
Stumble upon takes a very different approach to the bookmarking niche. Not only can you save your favorite website content but you can “channel surf” through random websites on just about any topic. Enter in a keyword and stumble away!

5. Newsvine
Newsvine looks and feels more like a newspaper than your average social bookmarking sites, but they still have many of the same features we talked about with the other sites. If social bookmarking sounds interesting to you and you want to take a more professional approach then newsvine is for you.

Social bookmarking plays a very important role in content syndication and promotion as well as a great way for you to read stories that will match your interest.

For more visit Wikipedia’s list of Social Bookmarking Sites.

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  1. Some very nice ideas here. Thank you for your list. Its really useful for me.

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    Thank you for this good list! I started bookmarking my site and asking my friends to do so if they would and it’s definitely helping.