Speaking Engagements


Phil shares easy-to-implement, helpful tips with the audience about improving their SEO initiatives. He's a fantastic speaker!

-Michele Wisnesck, Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau

Phil does the most interesting events. We literally have to drag people out of the room at the end of the day.

-Kim Chestney, Pittsburgh Technology Council

From the moment he began speaking, he held the audience captive with his in-depth knowledge of SEO and other social media best practices.

-Erin Hart, IABC/Pittsburgh

Phil Laboon did an excellent job not only covering recent trends in SEO, but also how they affect small and medium sized businesses.

-Robert Stein, IEE

His way of delivering technical information in an easy to understand manner makes his speeches an entertaining and enlightening experience for everyone in attendance.

-Tony Grossi, D&GG Advertising

Phil is an engaging teacher who takes technical information and presents it clearly, minus the jargon, so listeners understand the "why" behind the "what."

-Mary Cvetan, Cvetan Communications

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Past Workshops & Seminars

About Phil Laboon

Successfully marketing your business – whether you’re just starting out or a well-established Fortune 500 company – doesn’t come easily. Learn how you can grow your business, attract the right people and increase your marketing ROI with help from Eyeflow CEO & President Phil Laboon!

In just 15 years, Laboon has become one of inbound marketing’s thought leaders, sharing his insight and expertise to help you build a customized inbound marketing game plan that gives your organization actual results.

So whether you’re looking for ways to growth hack your website for more leads, build your personal brand or simply just better position you and your organization for success on and off the web, get in touch with the team at Eyeflow today. Our team of senior project managers, content strategists, and social media experts are ready and waiting to help you address all of your organization’s goals.

Past Topics Covered

  • Leveraging Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Developing a Strategic Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • How to Climb to the Top of Search Results
  • Branding Yourself On and Off the Web
  • How to Attract More Customers to Spark Your ROI

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