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It’s not news that Pittsburgh loves it’s sports teams; we bleed black and yellow. Between the Steelers, Penguins and the Bucs, we are root, root, rooting for the home team. Not only do Pittsburghers like to head out the local venues (or travel) to see our teams play there is also a lot of activity on the web surrounding our teams. Below are some stats and trends on how we follow our teams.

Team Trends

According to Google Trends it is clear to see that the Steelers generate the most interest out of the three major Pittsburgh teams. You can clearly see that the interest in the team peaks during the football season, and mostly likely correlates with how well the specific team is performing.


When looking at the trends by sport across the board, football is still the sport with the most interest and is continuing to grow.


Social Pittsburgh

Each Pittsburgh sport team is represented on across social media and have their own popular hashtags. The Pirates 2014 Season is well under way now and after acquiring our first winning season in over 20 years last year they are a definitely a hot topic in the ‘Burgh. Over the last 7 days there have been 9,236 tweets that contain #letsgobucs according to Topsy.

In addition to the Pirates, Pittsburghers are also following the Penguins in playoff hockey. They also have a “Let’s Go” hashtag, #letsgopens, that was used over 19,510 times in the past week. The Penguins have clearly been the more popular team over the past 7 days.


The Steelers aren’t getting nearly as much attention on social media since it is not currently football season. With the release of the Steelers upcoming 2014 schedule #Steelers has been seeing some attention. In the past day there were 2,617 tweets.

As you can see Pittsburgh sports are a huge part of how Pittsburghers communicate in social mediums. Whether you are tracking your favorite teams scores online or just seeing what buzz can be found on your favorite team or player, the information is easily accessible. Social media is great way to keep in touch and show your black and gold spirit.

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