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Nothing is stagnant. Marketers know this unlike anyone else.

Naturally, we are drawn toward uncovering the next big thing because in our industry, if you’re not the first you’re merely a follower. No matter if we’re trying to predict the next big trend for our own brand or for our clients, staying ahead is the key component of success.

Marketing is in a constant state of transition. We’ve moved on from single marketing voices to launching full frontal assaults for your campaign. We’ve transitioned from the traditional sales funnel into more complex and evolved consumer journeys. From smart, to multi-channeled marketing packages, to digital storytelling, let Eyeflow help you stand out.

Marketing is Out, Storytelling is In

For centuries, stories have enthralled audiences all across the globe. As children, we grow up hearing tall tales of heroic valor, faraway lands and anything that would spark our imagination. As we aged, stories of fiction suddenly became more real, as we watched bigger stories unfold in the world around us. Regardless of the tale, the plot remained the driving force behind our interest.

Brands have worked tirelessly to control their message through interruption ads, media buys and disruptive communication. However, people are quick to turn a blind eye no matter how flashy your product looks or how catchy your jingle sounds. Nowadays if you want to create action and drive admiration for your brand, it’s all about the story you tell.

If you want to own the engagement space, you need a strategy that provides a level of transparency to your business. At its very core, digital storytelling plays on our desire to connect with others through engaging tales and narratives. If you want to drive emotions and encourage actions, don’t leave these storytelling tactics out of your digital marketing strategy.

Create a Narrative with Your Story-Driven Content Marketing

If you want your digital marketing strategy to succeed, you need to reach your buyers on a human and emotional level. According to an article by Psychology Today, consumers primarily rely on emotions rather than information when evaluating brands. Simply stated, people don’t buy into brands, they buy into the story behind the brand.

Use your website content and blog to create a narrative that showcases your story, reinforces your message and highlights what it is your brand stands for. If you can incorporate these classic elements of storytelling into what you have to say, you’re already off to a great start:

  • Create relatable characters that your audience admires and wants to root for.
  • Infuse some personality into your stories to bring your words to life.
  • Keep a good pace, and make sure your article has a clear beginning, middle and end.
  • People are naturally drawn to drama. Finding the conflict and resolution in your article will help draw readers in.

If you can manage to blend branding basics with the fundamentals of fiction writing, you’ll have a story that stimulates and nurtures your audience while separating your brand from boring and soulless content.

Engage the Senses and Personify Your Brand with Visuals

Content may be king, not all content has to literally be spelled out. Visual storytelling through interactive graphics, imagery and video is helping to usher in a new era in digital marketing.

The human brain processes visuals over 60,000 times faster than text. That alone should be more than enough to convince you to spice up your content marketing strategy with some visual elements. The benefits don’t stop there, either. Visual marketing can give your brand the human element that your customers cling onto. It provides a level of realness and authenticity to your brand that words can’t always capture.

If you’re trying to nail visual storytelling, keep these factors in mind along the way:

  • Get Real!

It’s easy for most people to spot a fake. Provide your audience with real, candid moments to provide them with an escape from otherwise mundane stock and promotional photos. If you want to tap into their emotions and really engage viewers, make sure your video says something relevant and real about your brand.

  • Stimulate the Senses!

Good imagery needs to do more than merely please the eye. Stimulate your audience by making sure your visual story appeals to  all the senses. Crop images in a way that captures your audience’s attention. Pay attention to textures that jump off the screen. Play with perspective to highlight new details and invite your audience in with larger than life scenes.

  • Be Relevant!

Regardless of how attractive, interesting or even how breathtaking your visuals may be, it means nothing if it doesn’t hit home with your audience. Make sure the visuals you incorporate speak to your end user, their values and their mindset if you really want your content to gain some steam.

Visual storytelling connects, inspires and engages like no other. If you want to build closer connections, elicit emotion and collect deeper engagement between your audience and your brand, incorporating some visuals into your digital marketing strategy is a great place to start.

Extend Your Reach with Social Content Amplification

So you’ve created a great story, and you think your work is through. Not so fast. No matter how engaging, compelling or authentic your story may be, all your hard work goes to waste without proper amplification.

Marketers and brands can instantly widen their audience by extending their storytelling to social media. The customers of today are far different from what they were 10 or even two years ago. They are in almost complete control of what they see, how they see it and what they share with others, a stark difference from past marketing models.

With users in control, it’s important to build a social community surrounding your brand. Short form social storytelling can provide your social following with an inside look into your brand and connect with them on a personal level. When creating social content, try for a personalized approach. Focus on befriending your audience and giving them inside access to what your brand is all about.

Things change fast in the digital world. Stay ahead of the curve and turn to the storytellers, creators and influencers at Eyeflow Internet Marketing. Our team of copywriters, brand strategists and marketers get how to engage your audience, build authenticity and keep your company relevant. Create you community of brand loyalists and contact Eyeflow today!


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Cory is the Director of Content Development at Eyeflow. He graduated with a degree in Multimedia from Point Park University, where he held focus in print writing and online content. When not at work, Cory spends his time conquering Pittsburgh's hills on his bike, tackling DIY projects and crafting creative recipes.

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