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Pinterest is becoming the next big thing in the social media world. It is constantly being hyped up as a wonderful platform for both personal and business use. But nothing is perfect, right? This month, Eyeflow is looking at a closer look of the site and determining it’s SWOT factors: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


  • Reaches a wide range of users
  • Boards can be made to suit everyone’s likes and needs. For this reason, the site appeals to folks with a wide variety of interests.
  • Pictures are eye-catching.
  • Innovative environment: Pinterest offers its users unique products and where they are available.
  • The unique format and function of Pinterest appeals to customers and therefore creates a loyal fan-base.


  • Considered a site for women, whereas other sites are more popular with both genders.
  • While folks of many ages can find it enjoyable, it has a larger adult population than competitive sites.
  • Because ANYONE can pin ANYTHING, it can be filled with spam, which may be deceiving or tough to filter through.
  • There are currently no paid advertisements on Pinterest. To some, this may a good thing, however businesses may disagree.


  • Pinterest is ever-growing and expanding their business, making it have a wider audience.
  • Drive traffic to sites-by pinning links to your site, businesses are able to expand and grow, as well as create bonds with customers.
  • Because the Pinterest login is through Facebook or twitter, many times, users have their
    accounts linked together, expanding the Pinterest business even more because content is
    now appearing on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


  • Because many businesses have products on Pinterest, it allows for copycats to appear and therefore to hurt the business users the site has.
  • Pinterest is extremely focused, which is great, however, it allows for copycat sites, such as, the “pinterest for men.”
  • Some pins are scams or spam. This threatens the reputation and credibility of the site.

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