Visual Revolution for Content

Design in online marketing was once confined to banner ads and web designs, limiting the area where one’s brand really had a place to pique the interest of possible consumers. This is no longer the case. With the rise of the visual revolution, user engagement, video, slide show and graphic sharing sites, there really are no limits to the content that a business can stream to the masses. This makes your brand easily accessible to anyone, even if they didn’t know you existed in the first place.

Visual Content Marketing

Creative Content for Marketing

Content marketing allows you take regular text information and really turn it into something shareable, branded, visually appealing and generally easier for users to digest. Slideshows, videos, infographic, whitepapers and e-books are just a few content marketing pieces that businesses big and small are using to connect with the people out in consumer land. Though design is a key element in the effectiveness of this media, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to take advantage of this low-cost marketing outlet.

Starting Places for Creating Content

Creative Content Design

Here are a few tips for creating entertaining, informative and engaging creative content marketing pieces:

  1. Research
    • Identify your target market.
    • How does this group find content?
    • What would be of the most interest to this group that also aligns with your business/product?
  2. Format
    1. Narrow down content to what would be most important to your target demographic. Here are some examples of creative content that share the best:
        • Visually stunning
        • Humorous
        • Educational
        • Entertaining
        • Stories

      21 Types of Content
      From the Content Marketing Institute

    2. Identify the content marketing format you would initially like to convert your content to. Reusing content in different formats is completely acceptable. Actually, it’s even recommended.
    3. According to the winning formula to get the optimal content marketing results is:
        • Brand leadership
        • Customer empathy
        • Storytelling & creativity
  3. Get creative
    • Design for the audience, brand, and content.
    • What type of color/imagery/typography/visual style will appeal to the audience the most as well as work with branding?
    • Make sure not to over-design.
    • Content should not be overpowered by design.

Design Less and Create More

Designing the Right Creative Content
It is easy to get carried away and start creating tons of creative content, but sometimes less is more. You should really prioritize quality over quantity. Take your time and develop content that is really unique with designs that shine so brightly they make all other creative pieces look like jarbbled pixels of nonsense. Shaping your brand to be a leader in its field, not only trusted for quality information but sought after for its visual appeal, will be completely worth it in the end.

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Director of Content Development|Briana is the Director of Content Development at Eyeflow. Her professional background includes copywriting and marketing in the US and China. She currently lives in great little suburb south of Pittsburgh.

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