Whether you’ve just signed up for Twitter or are a seasoned user there are a few rules to keep in mind when posting. With over 250 million active users and 500 million tweets sent per day it can’t hurt to brush up on the best practices. Review our tips for social media posting on Twitter to keep your account active and a valuable marketing tool.

1. The Golden Rule applies, even in social media.

Share things that your followers would find interesting, thought provoking, personal insights, or resources for information. A good place to start when deciding what to post is to Asking yourself if you would read the post if it was in your feed is a good place to start when deciding what to post.

2. Twitter is a two way street.

You should not only be following or posting, but instead have a good balance of posting and replying/interacting with other users.  An easy way to do this is to ReTweet or @reply.

3. Don’t post the same message repeatedly.

If you want to promote the same thing, do so four times as a maximum and change the wording. With hashtags being used consistently, people have a much easier time of finding the information they want to see without having to see it in their feed multiple times.

4. Twitter is more than a sales tool.

You want to gain followers, but don’t lose them by only posting about how great your company and your products are. In addition to these types of post, you will want to share news or tips related to your industry. Interacting with users on a level that is not just sales related will lead to you gaining their trust and new followers.

5. Don’t overdo #hashtags.

Hashtags can add a person touch and can be good way to help people find the content you are posting about and join a larger voice, but don’t overdo it! Using three hashtags or less is common practice and will help you avoid looking like a spam account.

6. Think about who you are following.

Just because someone has followed you, does not mean you need to return the favor. You will want to review their bio and the types of updates they are making before you make the decision to follow them back.

7. Make sure to fill out your profile.

As with other social media sites, Twitter has a profile for you to fill.  Filling your profile will give other uses a better impression of who you are and why they would want to follow you.  A catchy background image can also help to link you with your brand, but remember simple images are best on the eyes.

Twitter can be a great way to stay social with your visitors and be relatable in a fun way.  If you keep these simple tips in mind when making your updates, your personality can be known while helping you to gain more followers.  What other tips to do you have for Twitter users?

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Client Relations Manager|Abby has been the Client Relations Manager at Eyeflow for over 2 years. She graduated from Indiana University of PA and had a background in the Hospitality Industry. Abby has two Siamese cats, a small Pekingese dog, and enjoys running.

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