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By now, many marketing experts and business owners know about the importance and use of meta data to better optimize your web pages for search engine bots, but not many have quite mastered the use of meta data to better optimize their social media sites.

While on-page SEO will get your content initially discovered and boost your search engine rankings, social meta tags will enhance the sharing of your compelling content. By optimizing your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest shares, your business gains control over how the title, description, images and more. With the rapid growth of social engagement and social traffic coming to websites, controlling your branding in these shares can bring more traffic and increase conversions for your site.

Signs your Site needs Social Meta Tags

Ever notice that when your page is shared through social media sites the image shown is not a primary image related to an article? Is the description presented when entering your content links less than perfect? Is the title too generic or vague to draw in readership and encourage clicks? Often times, irrelevant or less-than-spectacular data will be automatically queued by social media sites like Facebook and Google+. Ultimately, the use of social meta tags can help you to personalize your business’s social content; optimizing your shares and driving more click-throughs to your site’s content.

Tools for Social Meta Tags Optimization

Most social media sites offer testing and approval tools through their own websites. Correct and proper use of these tools can help drive new traffic and a better rate of conversions.

1409257633_facebookFacebook’s OpenGraph Debugger

facebook markup validator
When your content is shared through Facebook, the social media site crawls your content to find meta tags, providing the display image, title and description for your content. The debugger will detect any OpenGraph errors found within your links and let you optimize these tags, helping you to maintain control over your brand.

1409257638_twitterTwitter Cards Validator

twitter markup validator

The correct use of Twitter Cards will help to set your content apart from the hundreds of links shared through Twitter each day. After following an easy domain approval process, this tool helps to validate your cards and add meta data. The use of these visually appealing Twitter Cards inevitably will bring more social traffic to your site while facilitating content re-sharing.

1409257628_647546-pinterestPinterest Rich Pins Validator

pinterest markup validator

As Pinterest has moved towards adding more features for businesses, rich pins allow business owners to include more information about pinned images. By adding the proper meta data, rich pins will allow you to link your pins to a certain product, place, recipe, article or movie. Using Pinterest’s Rich Pins Validator will guide you through adding these useful Rich Pins to your business’s profile.

Tools for Search Engine Markup Optimization

1409257645_google-plusGoogle’s Structured Data Testing

google schema markup

Google’s testing allows users to test authorship markups and preview snippets for other search engine markup, further enhancing the user’s search experience. Found within Google’s Webmaster Tools, this tool additionally allows you to see other types of meta data picked up by Google.

1409257658_Bing_altBing Markup Validator

bing schema markup

Bing’s Markup Validator gives you an on-demand report showing the search engine markup optimized for Bing found on your web pages. Available through the Webmaster Tools, Bing’s report includes a range of meta data from HTML microdata, microformats, RDFa, and OpenGraph tags.

All-In-On Search Engine Markup and Social Meta Tag Optimization Tools

knowem social media optimizer

Then there’s KnowEM’s social media optimizer and Social Debug who’s tools attempt to combined these validators into one tool.

Integrating your business with social media sites and adding social meta tags will help your business to project a more professional, crisp look to your business’s social shares. Social meta tags will help bring a more attractive and appealing look to your content, engaging increased readership and driving more online conversions and sales for your business.

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